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Custom Homes

Creating bold, custom-designed spaces to grow with your family

Your home is a true representation of your lifestyle and should be fit to support your family as it grows and changes. Make your investment and creativity matter as you design and build the perfect space that will last for decades to come.


We’re bespoke home-building specialists and have the experience, process and dedication to complete your vision no matter the challenge it brings. We’re the number one choice in Yeronga for bold, innovative design, small lot builds, sloping sites and exciting, personalised client experiences.

Whether it’s your first home build or your third, we take the time to truly understand your needs and your vision, and ensure that we complete your project to work within your budget and exceed your expectations.


We’re your single point of call and you’re our primary concern - we keep you informed of our progress, solutions and every option from the moment we begin construction, to well beyond the handover.


We’re meticulous in our planning so we can be certain that upon execution, everything just works. We never accept second-rate solutions, and we always aim to exceed your expectations.


With over two decades of experience building luxury homes in Queensland, we have a wealth of knowledge to ensure that every potential avenue is explored to find you the perfect outcome for your new home.


We select very few projects each year, and so we treat every single one like it were our own family’s home. We take on challenges on your behalf and never pass off responsibility.

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How long will my new custom home build take?

We work on a huge variety of bespoke construction projects, of which some take little more than 12 months while others take much longer. The timeframe for your project will be something that we discuss early on, and again with more accuracy and a tighter range as we approach construction. We don’t rush through builds as we take pride in the satisfaction our clients have with their home decades beyond handover, but we’re also proud of our productivity and ability to plan for smooth timeframes.

My plot has several challenging factors for the home I envision, are you able to complete my project?

Yes, absolutely. We thrive in situations that other builders pass on for easier builds and find a great deal of satisfaction in exceeding the expectations of our clients. If you have a grand plan for your sloping site or wish to create a luxurious space out of your small lot, get in touch with our team for a site visit and we’ll show you what we can achieve.

When should we talk to a builder?

We firmly believe that it’s never too early to bring a builder on board for your project. As a team with practical experience in creating bespoke homes, we add a lot to the discussion of what is feasible and can always offer suggestions to bring your vision to life within budget. Even if you already have a designer on board, we’d love to collaborate with you and share our expertise.

Will you help us with council approval and liaising with architects?

Absolutely. It’s our mission to make your home-building experience truly memorable, so we act as your single point of call as needed to handle any aspect of the build that you might otherwise find stressful or time-consuming. Talk to our team to discuss our process, and find out how we can bring your vision to life.